Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!!!!!!


As a young girl, I spent summers with my grandparents.  They lived in a rural community in North West Florida.  Both were avid gardeners.  The fruit and vegetables eaten on those summer days are still tasted today as the mind wonders back in time.  My grandfather's pride and joy crop were his prize winning seedless watermelons. They were so sweet and delicious, it makes my mouth water thinking about them. 

One day I remember asking him why he always had to go to the center of the field to get a melon, when some of the largest were next to the road.  He replied,  "Well they are for all the kids who want to steal them."  I must have looked perplexed so he followed by telling me that the teens loved stealing the melons, and if the good melons were on the roadside, we would not have them to eat.  Even though I was young, I seemed to understand.  The center of the field was just for us.  That made them even taste better.  To go back and revisit that wonderful safe time is truly one of the dreams of now.

The early morning hours were spent in the field gathering the crops of the day.  By noon the kitchen was filled with the most awesome smells.  Fresh snap peas, corn, tomatoes, okra ...... too many to name.   We always had dinner.  Who could not wait for supper and have the left overs.  They were even better then.  If I had a mess of peas and okra right now I would be in "pig" heaven.  

My grandmother's specialty were the flowers.  Hydrangeas, camellias, gardenias and DAISIES!!!!!   The hydrangeas where as tall as the house and as big has dinner plates.  The blues and purples of the blooms were so deep and vibrant no wonder I fell in love with color.  The camellias were so perfect they looked like wax.  Their dark pink heads against the deep green of the leaves still live in my mind.  But the favorite was her row of Shasta daisies.   

In early spring she would start removing the pine needles that protected the tender plants from the frost of winter.  By summer their little heads were in full bloom.  The sparkling white and yellow centers were awesome.  Many of the blossoms measured 5 to 6 inches across.  Seeing this little lady in her long dress, apron, and over sized sun bonnet tenderly minding to her prized plants is such a fond memory.  To better give a picture of what I was seeing, imagine granny on the show "Beverly Hillbilly" walking amongst the daisies and their little faces smiling back at her.  By the way she had the same spunk and that granny too.

Recently I was shopping for jewelry supplies and came across the Swarovski crystal daisies.  I knew that I had to have them.  The next dilemma was what was I going to do with them.  One day I was experimenting with sterling silver wire and beads then a light went on......USE the Daisies.  

My mind works in a very strange way.  I really do not plan ahead while creating.  I design one thing and be fore I know it, it has developed into something else.  At the end of the process my daisy, sterling silver necklace and earring set hung in front of me.  


This creation having been inspired by such fond memories is one that will remain special no matter who may enjoy it in the future.  It is perfect for an upcoming wedding or special anniversary.  The sparkle of the daisies is eternal similar to the shining of daisy white color in the Florida summer sun.  The alternating handmade links are made with Swarovski crystal daisies and Swarovski rounds on sterling silver 20 gauge wire.  The links are held together with hand made sterling jump rings.  The neck and earring chain is silver plate. This is truly a future family heirloom.  This treasure comes with gifts of good luck and good fortune.

Keep in touch for the next loving memory of my family.  Families are in many shapes and sizes........

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Welcome to Amelia Originals, home of one of a kind handmade jewelry and things. This is the beginning of the challenging experience in blogging. Being my first experience with this media, I was very nervous as to all the unknowns. I was literally afraid to hit that sign-up button. But, here I am.

Let me digress for a few moments. Approximately 2 years ago I was between creative endeavors. I am one of those persons that when you have learned a technique it is time to move on. I had tried teaching myself knitting. My mother had been the champion knitter/crocheter. Me I couldn't read the patterns. Too much of this and too much of that. So when I learned how to triple stitch in crochet, I decided to make ONLY granny squares. I did not have to read a pattern. We had Christmas stockings, small appliance covers, chair head covers etc., etc. ..... So when I recently tried knitting, I soon lost interest. I was back to that pattern reading.

One day I was making my way around a craft store and I came across jewelry making kits. So true to form I bought a kit to make earrings. I found it to be really relaxing and it satisfied my need to create. Leaving the world of stress and the need of others was so self revitalizing It is hard to find the words to describe.

But it was not long until the challenge started waning and something more was needed. I was online searching for something new, when I found wire sculpting and wire wrapping. This is what my search for challenges needed. I have always been fascinated by the art elements of line, shape and movements. This was perfect. My passion had finally been identified.

In college I took this pottery class. I loved it but did not want to deal with the fast movement of wheel throwing. My instructor, allowed me to concentrate on hand-built pottery. One requirement was to sketch what we were to make then make it. Every time I tried this the pot flopped!!!!!. So I built the pots and then drew them so my sketch book would be ready for grading. I thought I had tricked her, but when she described them as the "growing pots" I realized she knew what I was doing.

Now back to the jewelry and wire sculpture/wrapping. This is the perfect media for my "growing pot" mindset. I love to doodle so creating with wire is much the same thing. As a matter of fact, I designed something I call "Paper Doodles....Bookmarks with Attitude". Much of my wire wrapping is using this technique. It is much like creative dance.

Shortly after I started making jewelry a group of friends took a "girls week-end out". All the gals knew I had started this "hobby" and wanted to see what I had made. To my delight all of them loved my work. As a special memory of the weekend away, I presented them with their choice of jewelry. They were so encouraging and pushing me to sell my wares. Since I have a full time job, time is of the essence. Hence, I thought of the Internet. One evening while searching online I came across something called Artfire. Wow, a creative community with all these wonderful artisans selling anything and everything handmade. After much consideration
I signed up.

For those of you who remember the "Welcome Wagon" can relate to how this community embraces the new kid on the block. For those of us, like me, who has limited knowledge in the field of technology, they are the most fantastic support system. If not for the co-artisans sharing their knowledge many of us would give up and say good-bye. The Artfire administration is one of the most supportive teams around. They are constantly in the forums and offering their expertise and have the answers in a flash. This community is all for one and one for all. An individual's success is cheered on by all. For those of you who is toying with the idea of selling your creative endeavors online, Artfire is the place to call home.

The creativity of this team is remarkable.
The marketplace they have created is

Take a moment and visit MY ARTFIRE